About us

Charis Kasinopoulos Ltd was established in 1989. With excellent customer service as its ultimate priority the company offers its clients services in the fields of customs clearing and freight forwarding, by either air, sea or land transportation. The company also provides automated processing of administrative documents.

Charis Kasinopoulos Ltd brings together a unique group of collaborators who combine extensive experience and dedication to offer a personalised service for every client. The company's core values of professionalism, responsibility and reliability are at the forefront of all that we do, in order to ensure that our motto "Value for money" holds true for both existing and future customers.

Our Values


to deliver professional services at the best possible prices

Human Relations

as we are building long term and mutual beneficial relationships


of all solutions and services needed by a contemporary company


Respond to all requests at a timely fashion


of a reliable and dedicated team of knowledgeable experts


to serve you personally with a smile

Our Fleet